Books to read before their summer blockbuster adaptation

If you’re anything like me, you love watching book adaptations after you’ve read the book — you know, to see which one is better and if the movie follows all the plot lines. So these are the must-read books for the summer book adaptation line-up. 1. Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll Although most […]

How to get to your yearly reading goal

If you finished school and immediately picked up a book — to read for fun — and as soon as you finished picked up another and another and another, I’m sorry to tell you that you’re a chronic book worm. Symptoms include: Spending more time reading than anything else, going to be at insane hours […]

The inner workings of a newsroom

The neatly arranged stack of newspapers that lie in newspaper stands across Lehigh’s campus take a lot of time, effort and people to put together. But unless you’re a part of the team of editors that put The Brown and White together, you would glance at them and not even think about how much time […]

Revamped Pottermore

As I scrolled through my twitter feed a Buzzfeed Books article jumped to my attention. It said Pottermore, the Harry Potter website of J.K. Rowling’s own creation, had significantly changed. It seems people weren’t happy about it. I was intrigued. What had they done to it? Why didn’t people like it? I noticed they also […]

Harry Potter in English: a weird re-reading experience

When I was a young, curious child, I received a copy of the first Harry Potter book. I read it and fell in love with magic, witches and wizards, Hogwarts but most of all Hermione. I’ve said it a million times before, and I’ll probably say it a million times again: Hermione was me. So as […]

Hunger Games Update

As one of my personal favorite young adult series comes to a close in the movie screens, I want to talk a little about how sometimes (and only on rare occasions) the movies might be better than the books. First, watch the trailer for the last movie in the series: Now that you’ve watched it. […]

A rollercoaster that only goes up…

Maybe this happens to everyone, but I am often times way too hard on myself. I say it now because I look back and I see it. But in the moment I am so wrapped up in what other people can handle and how it seems that their life is way more put together than […]

Spanglish: two languages are better than one

When I was young, I learned spanish from my family. But, as I grew older I learned English at school and had my first taste of the usage of Spanglish. Especially in Puerto Rico, Spanglish is just so common. You will hear everybody switching from English to Spanish and back to English all in the […]

Around the world in 8 hours

Ciao! As part of our program, we got to go to the world expo –  which is held in Milan this year – this past Saturday. It was a day full of walking and fun and it felt like we went on a trip around the world in just 8 hours. It was tons of […]

My intern life

Ciao cyberworld! Ok, I know I haven’t written in a while, but can you blame me? I’m in Italy for God’s sake! Humble bragging aside, I really haven’t written because I can’t seem to find the time. I’m so incredibly exhausted. But happy (just to make sure everybody understands). A week ago I started my […]