Blog 9: Mass Shooting in PR

This past Tuesday, journalists reported a mass shooting in Puerto Rico. Videos like the one on this tweet made the rounds online.

Additionally, police found over 600 casings at the crime scene.

In his tweet, Begnaud, again, makes the argument that something happening in Puerto Rico is not being covered as fully as it should, but as I researched the story I realized it had been covered by more outlets that other recent news from Puerto Rico. It was covered by the AP, CNN, The Washington Post, the Daily NewsCBS New York and The New York Times, among others. This has opened the conversation toward talking about violence in Puerto Rico in general.

In the video they ask the secretary of public safety about arrests associated with many crimes and he keeps repeating that there have been no arrests.

Although I’m always glad when I can find news about Puerto Rico in more than one news site, it’s odd that often the news I find deals with violence, death or corruption.