Milan has my heart

Buongiorno! I can’t believe I’ve only been in this city for 3 days. It feels like it’s been so long. Well a lot has been going on. Days are long and full of activities and maybe that’s why it feels like we’ve been here much longer than we actually have. So, what do you want […]

First day in Milan

Today for me began more than 24 hours ago. It has been a long day (technically it’s two days but this whole time difference thing confuses my brain). It all started at Newark Airport with a flight into the Milan Malpensa airport. Day 2 – 🇺🇸➡️🇮🇹 A post shared by Gaby Morera (@gabymulberry) on Jun […]

The beginning of a journey

I sound so cheesy when I say it like that. Yesterday, I set off from the sunny caribbean island that I call home to stay with family friends for a couple of days until I leave for Italy. What am I going to do in Italy you might ask? I am going to Milan to […]

Books save lives (before you think this is cheesy, hear me out)

Before you discard this post as super cheesy and cliche, hear me out. Books save lives. They might not have completely saved mine, but they’ve gotten me through some tough times. I know this is not a situation that only I go through, I’ve heard countless stories of books and the positive impact they have […]

Books in Pop Culture

I don’t know why, but recently I’ve been thinking a lot about books and book references they make in modern TV shows and movies. There are endless lists out there of all the books x character in y series read or referenced. My favorite one of these is what is called “The Rory Gilmore Reading […]

Reddit Gifts Book exchange

I participated in a reddit gifts book exchange this month and it was such a cool experience. As a first time “reddit santa,” I didn’t really know what to expect the whole experience. The basic premise is that you sign up for the exchange and answer a quick survey about yourself (in this case pertaining […]

This week in books: Maya Angelou’s forever stamp, Game of Thrones, Harper Lee (for the last time) and Stieg Larsson news

1. Quote On New Maya Angelou “Forever” Stamp Belongs To Poet Joan Walsh Anglund, Not Maya Angelou (Oops) Well this is a big fail! Sometimes some research (or knowledge of an author) should be a rewuirement when designing their commemorative forever stamp. Shout out to the US Postal service who let that one pass through. 2. The […]

Books to re-read in my 20s

Recently, I’ve been seeing so many book lists that are themed around 20-year-olds. Whenever I read the title I have the realization that (OMG) I am 20! These are the books that people think I should be reading in this “formative” time in my life. They’re always great suggestions on stuff to read, but I […]