Hunger Games Update

As one of my personal favorite young adult series comes to a close in the movie screens, I want to talk a little about how sometimes (and only on rare occasions) the movies might be better than the books.

First, watch the trailer for the last movie in the series:

Now that you’ve watched it. Let’s proceed.

Although I (obviously) have not seen the movie, the trailer makes it look very very promising. Of course trailers often hype something up way too much and you end up disappointed – but in this occasion I have a strong feeling that is not the case.

I hated the last book of The Hunger Games trilogy. I hated the plot, the execution and even the ending a little. I hated it with every fiber of my being while I was reading it and I had no ounce of closure, happiness or even relief when I finished it. I didn’t know what to feel because it was nothing that I expected.

When I watched the first movie adaptation of the Mockingjay book, I was pleasantly surprised to like it. It was basically the same plot – but there was something about the style, the execution and the whole movie that made it better. This is what I mean, in very rare occasions can a movie be better than the book but sometimes it’s not about the story – it’s the medium and the way you tell it in.

That;s why I’m so excited for the last movie in the series. I want to see what they do to the rest of a book that I hated. Hopefully I’ll leave the movie theatre happy with the movie, because from what I see in the trailer it is somewhat promising. But if not, tread with caution – I may or may not spend the rest of November after watching it fuming about how it could be better.