Revamped Pottermore

As I scrolled through my twitter feed a Buzzfeed Books article jumped to my attention. It said Pottermore, the Harry Potter website of J.K. Rowling’s own creation, had significantly changed. It seems people weren’t happy about it.

I was intrigued. What had they done to it? Why didn’t people like it? I noticed they also talked about the Potter family story – and I knew I had to go check it out immediately. And I fell in love.

Maybe it’s because I’m a fan of reading as opposed to having an interactive experience, but the new Pottermore made me really happy. I can look up whatever I want, and read about it without having to sort through multiple books and multiple chapters of said books to find it. However, I do miss the “magical experience.”

J.K. Rowling recorded an introduction video to explain the concept a bit.

I really want to see in what direction they take this website. The Pottermore Correspondent (which just so happens to be my new dream job) is the person who updates content that’s not written by Rowling herself, and they’ve been posting about certain features that will be made available in the future.¬†You’ll be able to be sorted into a house again, but new features – like finding out what your patronus is – will also be made available.

I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited about a website in forever, and to be honest – I wasted so much time scrolling through it on Wednesday, that it’s slightly embarrassing.

One of the best parts about it, though, is the fact that new content will be up every day. EVERY DAY. I think I need to make some room in my bookmarks bar because this website must be visited and investigated thoroughly.

And the single best part about it is that it has rolled around when I am re-reading the series. If there’s anything that makes a nerdy Harry Potter fan happier is, you guessed it: More Harry Potter.

Happy Pottermore-ing!