Hunger Games Update

As one of my personal favorite young adult series comes to a close in the movie screens, I want to talk a little about how sometimes (and only on rare occasions) the movies might be better than the books. First, watch the trailer for the last movie in the series: Now that you’ve watched it. […]

Books in Pop Culture

I don’t know why, but recently I’ve been thinking a lot about books and book references they make in modern TV shows and movies. There are endless lists out there of all the books x character in y series read or referenced. My favorite one of these is what is called “The Rory Gilmore Reading […]

Hermione Granger and strong female characters.

The first time I read a book and wanted to be one of the girls in it as opposed to the boy, was when I read Harry Potter. Of course, being my book nerd self, I deeply identified with the character Hermione Granger. All I wanted to do was be smart and confident and resourceful. […]

YA book to movie adaptations

I love books, but I also love movies. But, I tend to have mixed feelings about books turning into movies… Maybe others relate with me on this one, but once you read a book, you imagine things a certain way and that can totally ruin the movie for you. Readers are very particular with book […]

John Green’s budding popularity

The other day I realized that Looking for Alaska, one of my all time favorite books, has been out for 10 years now. Of course, I didn’t read it when it came out but I’d say I read it about 4-5 years ago but it still amazes me that I did not think it had […]

The Harry Potter Series

In honor of two separate events that involve each of my sisters, I decided to review the Harry Potter series, as a whole. First, my youngest sister (who is 11-years-old, let me point out) finished reading the Harry Potter books this month. I am immensely impressed that she is 11 and has read a 800 […]

John Green announces Paper Towns movie!

Yes, you read that right! John Green tweeted about this yesterday… EXCITING NEWS! The #TFIOSMovie team is getting the band back together for PAPER TOWNS! — John Green (@johngreen) March 24, 2014 I just felt the need to share that. In my opinion, I think making John Green’s books into movies would be really […]