A rollercoaster that only goes up…

Maybe this happens to everyone, but I am often times way too hard on myself.

I say it now because I look back and I see it. But in the moment I am so wrapped up in what other people can handle and how it seems that their life is way more put together than mine. I freak out. I calm down. I over-analize people all over again. And, I’m back to freaking out.

Sure, maybe people see me and think I’m responsible and put together, but you never see yourself like that. At least, I can’t. Because it’s so easy to fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others. It’s so easy to measure your own success when you measure it against other people. It seems more quantifiable that way.

The truth of the matter is that it’s hard to make a self-assesment of who you were and who you are now. It’s harder for you to actively look back and actually compliment yourself on the progress you have made as a person, student, friend or anything else you’ve progressed on. Alternatively, it’s easy to compare yourself to the people around you and that’s why we fall into the trap. It’s easy to believe that someone else is more successful and more anything than you – especially in this age of social media and living vicariously through other’s instagram accounts, snapchat stories and facebook posts.

I find myself having to remind myself that these platforms only work to post one side of the story. They yell “my life is beautiful and perfect. I’m always happy and I have friends who I hang out with all day everyday.” But do we see when these people are lonely? Do we see when these people feel so frustrated that they feel something heavy pressing on their chest? Do we see when they cry?

No. Because everybody is obssessed with trying to one up the other person’s fabulous life.

Guess what, that person who posted that artistic shot of campus could be considering tranfering. That girl who posted a picture of herself at a party might have had a bad night. All those travel pictures don’t tell the full story.

And I think that’s what we need more of. The full story. Cliche as it is, life isn’t a rollercoaster that only goes up – but hey a rollercoaster like that would be no fun, now would it?