The New York Times

Since June 2020, I have worked with the Print Hub department of The New York Times. Print Hub is in charge of all things print and as an intern and now a staff editor, I help write display type for our daily newspaper. That means that on any given night you can find me writing headlines, captions, blurbs, refers or any other type of words necessary to make the print page come alive. I also sometimes trim stories or compose one of the daily digests on the paper. We do all of this while following strict New York Times style and print deadlines.

I wrote the “As New York Strains to Reopen/Labs Struggle to Return Results” headline, jumphead, kicker and captions.


I wrote the headline and bank for this page, and also helped trim specific blocks of text to fit specific print size blocks.


I wrote the headline on Albert Memmi’s obituary with some help from a colleague. One of my co-workers highlighted the headline in our weekly roundup and said it offers “a peek at Mr. Memmi’s professional focus and a glimpse of him as a person, nicely avoiding what could have been a more academic approach.”


This is another headline that was highlighted by my co-workers in a weekly roundup (Invoice After Nearly Dying/From Covid-19: $400,00).


And, finally, one of my personal favorites: Big Oil Pivots to Plastics and Eyes Africa as Its Dumping Ground.