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Since freshman year, I’ve written for The Brown and White in different sections of the paper. A compilation of all my articles can be found on The Brown and White

General News and Features:


Lehigh’s Taylor Tvedt shares importance of team support – The Brown and White

Two lines can have such an important meaning. Two lines – simple and unassuming – sit right above the knuckle on her ring finger and form an equals sign. Two lines that Taylor Tvedt got etched into her body to symbolize marriage equality.

I profiled Taylor Tvedt, an openly gay lacrosse goalie, as part of my sports journalism final project, which involved taking videos and sport portraits.

Dino World: How one Lehigh Alum turned a dinosaur costume into a puzzle company – The Brown and White This article profiles a Lehigh Alumna that turned a paper dinosaur costume into a paper dinosaur puzzle company.Lehigh Greek recruitment process is changed – The Brown & White In this article I report on the extensive changes made to fraternity recruitment at Lehigh University as well as touch upon some of the changes sorority recruitment went through.

Editorial Writing:

As the Editorial Pages Editor, I wrote two editorials every week. Here are a sample of my favorites:

Editorial: A binding contract – The Brown and White

And that’s just a low estimate from the Department of Justice. The Center for Disease Control’s high estimate puts the number at 1.3 million every year. It’s difficult to pinpoint how many rapes happen because 68 percent of rapes are not reported. And it’s easy to see why.

Editorial: A failing system – The Brown and White

A heavy, forbidding door with a small rectangular window. A shabby bed next to a sink. A toilet across the small room. Blank walls and near-silent atmosphere. The few sounds that reach inside the enclosed room sound magnified. You hear unfamiliar noises, and in the ever-present fluorescent lighting you see things that aren’t there.

Editorial: It’s not just black and white – The Brown and White

“Man, I counted at least 15 black people in that montage,” he said. “Well I’m here at the Academy Awards, also known as the White People’s Choice Awards.” He wasn’t too far from the truth. In 2014, the Academy was overwhelmingly comprised of white males, with 94 percent of the members being white and 75 percent male.

“Two Sides, Same Coin” Column:

My sophomore year, I wrote a column on my unique position between American student and International student. Since then I have placed as a finalist in the Region 1 SPJ Mark of Excellence awards in the General Column Writing category with them. My favorites are: Two Sides, Same Coin Column: ‘Are you even American?’ – The Brown and WhiteThis was my first column of the series and in it I talk about being Puerto Rican and not knowing where your identity lies. ‘Two Sides, Same Coin’ Column: ‘Pride and Prejudice’ In this column I talk about the fact that other marginalized communities don’t have a country or place where they are not a minority, but hispanics can go to Latin America and be accepted.‘Two Sides, Same Coin’ Column: Out of place

In my final column I talked about change and finding a balance between the old and the new – in my case between my culture and having an American experience.